History of Hillcrest Guest House, St. John US Virgin Islands and Phyllis Hall    
The Hillcrest Guest House was built in 1966, one story every several years,  by my parents.  It has two stories and I live on
the first story on the same level as the Orchid Suite.  The suites with ocean views are located on the top story.

The land was bought in the 1940's and  the vacation rental accommodation  was started in 1966 by the
originator, Ethlyn Harthman Lindqvist Hall, my mother, who was born on the island of St. John under the
Danish Flag.  Mom named it Hillcrest since the guest house is located on the crest of the hill; painted the
guest house red and white in honor of her danish heritage.  

Hillcrest Guest House is one of the oldest and established guest houses, operating as a Bed and
Breakfast, on St. John, US Virgin Islands.   Designed by Architect Howard Lindqvist, Mom's cousin.  

My mother, Ethlyn Harthman Lindqvist Hall,  formerly of St. John, Danish West Indies, managed it solely
on her own until she asked me to live on site to keep an eye on things, since she wanted to live at Peter
Bay, where she grew up as a child.  Suites did not do well for a number of years. They had to be updated
and repaired. This took a lot of internet research, time and lots of money.

Mom was born under the danish flag, in 1916. She can trace her family on St. John for at least 5
generations. As of August 11, 2010, Mom and my sister, Elsa Hall, have been living at Hillcrest.  We
updated  our mothers' house and rented it, per her request.  My mother named her house,  "Jasmine
Beach Cottage", located at #16 Peter Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands. As of April 2011, they both moved to
Florida. My mother died May 5th, 2012 and is in a large tomb at Cinnamon Bay with her relatives.

Both parents were born in the Virgin islands, but met and got married in New York. My father, Samuel
Hall, Sr. served in the Navy, during World War II, where he learned about radios.  Later on I was born and
grew up in Manhattan, New York, until the age of 11, where I also learned to speak some Spanish.   This
comes in handy, when speaking to guest from Hispanic Countries and Italy.  We left New York for the
Virgin Islands, their homeland, and grew up on the lovely islands of St. John and St. Thomas, US Virgin

When I arrived on St. John,  in 1959, all of the roads were unpaved. Only Cruz Bay town had electricity.  
The only vehicles used  were Jeeps and there were not many of them.  Horse and donkeys were still
used for transportation.   

While we lived at Peter Bay and used lanterns after sunset for light and cooked with wood or charcoal
made from local trees. We swam everyday and caught fish to supplement our meals. It was quite an
adventure for a city child of New York City.

Graduated from P.S. 102 from 6th grade;  located on East 113 Street, Manhattan, New York and the
Charlotte Amalie High School on St. Thomas, from 12th grade.

Also graduated from The University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas,  with a Bachelors' Degree in
Biology.  My Junior year was spent as an exchange student at the University of Connecticut, Storrs,
UCONN, where I also learned to ice skate.

Graduated from Howard University, Washington, D.C., with a Masters in Bio-Environmental Engineering
and worked for the USEPA and USFDA in Washington DC, and the Virgin Islands Governtment for over 32
years, in the Enid M. Baa Library, in Dept. of Conservation and Cultural Affairs Water Laboratory and as a
Environmental Engineer in the Dept. of Planning and Natural Resources.

I was  encouraged by my mother Ethlyn Harthman Lindqvist Hall  and  Grandmother Delia Moron Hall of
St. Thomas, Danish West Indies to  pursue  my education  so  that  I  could  have more choices, than they
 Delia Moron was a Sephardic Jew of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies.

My oldest daughter has one son and my youngest daughter has two sons.  They spend the summers with
me and my dogs  and  have a great time.

I have traveled to many states in the United States.  They include, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,
Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Massachusetts, Florida [Loved Disney World],
Texas and Minnesota.

I have also traveled to nearby islands ie. St. Thomas, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Tortola, Virgin
Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anguilla.

My  Health
Finished my second chemotherapy treatment December 21, 2012 and feeling  great.  My garden keeps me
motivated, mainly because it's never finished.  Everytime I look at it, there is always something else I
want to add or change.

Everyone  has  been  so  kind  and  insightful.  I   am  motivated by the  guest   house and my  guest  who  
all  have  a deep  understanding  of  what  I  went  thru.  Thank you.
I now own and manage the Hillcrest Guest House, on St. John. US Virgin Islands, which I enjoy
tremendously.  I have the opportunity to meet and greet people from all over the world.
I try to offer
comfortable surroundings at a reasonable rate

There are now Six [6] suites available for rent; See listing and details of the

                                                              ~~Welcome to the Hillcrest~~
                                   "The Perfect place to feel human again

Hillcrest Guest House, St. John US Virgin Islands,
                                                     #157 Enighed,
                                 P.O. Box 33, St. John US Virgin Islands  00831
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